Bring ServiceNow «close to the box»

Stay Close!

ServiceNow is a great platform, easy to use and easy to customize.
But customers must be carefully when applications are enhanced or changed.
Platform upgrades become very expensive or even impossible when skipped changes remain unresolved and the ServiceNow instance code base slowly moves away from the standard line.

ERM4SN is the perfect instrument to go «close to the box» – and stay there.

With the ERM class diagram, ERM4SN helps to understand the object structure more precisely and supports the design phase when planning extensions.

Adjustments to the platform are constantly reported and visually displayed. Everyone can easily track who made what changes on ServiceNow and when. Deviations from the standard line are immediately visible and the necessary steps can be taken. This keeps costs low over the long term.

ERM4SN is also able to compare several ServiceNow platforms. This is helpful, for example, when a platform upgrade is planned and the potential impact and effort must be determined.

Custom - & Platform Changes over Time
  • Customers will deviate over time and have limited access to new features
  • Important to stay as close to out of the box as possible from day 1
  • There is nothing wrong with changing and improving the platform, but it requires strict rules
  • Track customizations and plan for platform upgrade