Visualize your data.

ServiceNow helps clients across a wide variety of industries to streamline and consolidate their workflows. And, while it’s easy enough to work with ServiceNow out of the box, it can be hard to find what you’re looking for. The software structure makes it difficult to access your data model or visualize your company’s data in a useful way.
With erm4sn, you don’t have to be an admin or a coding expert to work hands-on with your data. Our Hierarchical Table feature offers you a clearly structured overview of your data in an easy-to-use, browsable format. So you can get the information you need, when you need it, without sending requests to your ServiceNow department.

Stop wasting time.

ServiceNow is easy to configure, but once you start customizing your product, things can get complex quickly. Add one or two upgrades, and before you know it, your ServiceNow installation is no longer working properly. Now you need to waste time troubleshooting until you find the root of the problem – time that could be better spent developing and growing your business.
erm4sn’s Customization Report and Configuration Report features offer you a clear visual overview of your ServiceNow installation’s customization and configuration levels. This allows you to effectively pinpoint problem areas and find solutions. So you can quickly and easily get back on track.

Enhance team efficiency.

Different project teams often use different labels and terminology, resulting in inconsistencies and causing confusion. These variations can make your work across teams inefficient, resulting in bottlenecks, increased back-and-forth exchanges and a lack of transparency. Over time, this can result in costly mistakes and even impact your company’s reputation – not to mention its bottom line.
erm4sn’s Instance Comparison feature lets you check consistency across data models, types and attributes, ensuring that everyone has access to the same information. With erm4sn, you can get everyone on the same page, ensuring your team works together smoothly and efficiently.
erm4sn helps us at Swiss Re to quickly and easily understand the data structures and referential constraints of our ServiceNow environments. Structural changes can be verified by comparing multiple instances, which helps us assess the impact of platform upgrades and releases. These functionalities are not available out-of-the-box and increase the quality of our data structures and changes
As a Configuration Manager I use erm4sn frequently to be quick in navigating through the CMDB structure and all its relations. It helps us to model the CMDB, do proper reporting and find discrepancies between ServiceNow instances which can have risky and costly consequences. The tool became indispensable for our work.
In ITDWH my team is using erm4sn heavily. It does support us to understand data entities, structures and cardinality of ServiceNow. This enables us to do proper data integration into IT data warehouse. Finally, our clients benefit from high quality reporting solutions.
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