To open the .drawio files please go to www.diagrams.net and use the web editor or download the latest release. The .xmi files can be imported into ERD tools like Enterprise Architect or Modelio.

erm4sn runs as SaaS in the cloud and it will automatically connect to your ServiceNow instances via REST API to create the data, diagrams and reports based on your application metadata.

Our servers are hosted in the DigitalOcean cloud in a region that is close to your business to provide optimal performance.

Yes, you can also run erm4sn easily on your own Docker or Container as a Service (CaaS) infrastructure. erm4sn has a small base footprint of about 2 CPU and 4 GB RAM.

Please login to your erm4sn trial account. Go to the administration section and you’ll find a link to the Admin Guide in pdf format.

If you have a question regarding your erm4sn instance, please send an email to support@erm4sn.com and we will respond as soon as possible.

Our goal is to make erm4sn affordable for all businesses, regardless of size – we believe that even the smallest businesses should have the opportunity to discover the full potential of erm4sn. Please use the price inquiry form to contact our sales department.

Yes, we do. We need a copy of some of the system system tables holing the schema information to provide all the functionality. We do not collect any transactional or personal data.

For more information about the data protection, please see the security questions.

erm4sn connects via REST API to your ServiceNow instances. If you use IP security, the IP of your erm4sn server has to be added to the ServiceNow instances you’d like to maintain with erm4sn and in turn, we need the credentials of a REST user that is able to connect to the system tables and read data. If you have a VPN setup, we can offer you to run erm4sn in a VPN so that it becomes a part of your own network infrastructure.

There is also always the possibility that you host erm4sn in your own infrastructure.

erm4sn supports sign in with OpenID Connect (OIDC) providers like MSID or SSO with ServiceNow (Oauth) so no credentials are locally stored. Nevertheless, you can additionally enable and configure user authentication in the admin console of your instance. All stored passwords are irreversibly encrypted.

We are always excited to hear ideas on how erm4sn can be improved, as we are constantly working to make erm4sn the best possible product for our users. Please feel free to email us your suggestions at contact@erm4sn.com.


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