How does ERM4SN work?

ERM4SN runs as SaaS in the cloud and it will automatically connect to your ServiceNow instances via REST to create the data, diagrams and analyzes based on your application metadata.

Where does it run?

Our servers are cloud hosted in a region located next to your business to provide optimum performance.

How do I contact the technical support?

If you have an issue with your ERM4SN instance, please email to support@erm4sn.com and we will respond as quickly as.

What does ERM4SN cost?

Our goal is to make ERM4SN affordable for all companies no mater what their size - we believe that even the smallest companies deserve the opportunity to explore the true potential of ERM4SN. Contact our sales department directly via email for further information.

Do you store my data?

Yes, we do. We have to have a copy of 4 of your system tables in order to provide all the functionality. For more information regarding security checks, please read the security questions.

What about security?

We connect via REST to your ServiceNow instance. If you use IP security, the IP of your ERM4SN server has to be added to the ServiceNow instances you'd like to maintain with ERM4SN and in turn, we need the credentials of a REST user that is able to connect to the system tables and read data. If you have a VPN setup, we can offer you to run ERM4SN in a VPN so that it becomes a a part of your own network infrastructure.

What about user access management?

In ERM4SN you can sign in with ServiceNow (Oauth) so no credentials are locally stored. Nevertheless, you are able to additionally enable and configure user authentication in the admin console of your instance. All stored passwords are irreversibly encrypted.

I have an idea to improve ERM4SN. Can I send you a wish list?

We are always very happy to hear ideas on how ERM4SM can be improved upon as we are constantly working to make ERM4SM the best product it can be for our users. Please don't hesitate to email us your suggestions to contact@erm4sn.com.